Getting To Know You: Bibhu Mohapatra

Getting To Know You: Bibhu Mohapatra

After 9 years at J.Mendel, Bibhu Mohapatra launched his eponymous collection to raves in February 2009. After winning the FGI's Rising Star Award last year, and given a studio space in the CFDA Incubator, he's showing Fall 2011 at Lincoln Center on February 15 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.. Call TJ and demand a seat! 
Name: Bibhu Mohapatra
Age: 37
Birthplace: Orissa, India
Animal of choice: Dogs
Hours of sleep: 7
Number: 7
Toothpaste: Mentadent
Word: "Requiem"
Drink: Water
Entree: grilled mediterranean white fish with vegetables
Best recent read: “The Eagle Dances With the Tiger” in The Economist
Body part: hands
Showtune: “ I Am What I Am”
Tool: A soldering iron
Intern's name: Von Eric
Favorite Tweeter: @PrabalGurung
Coffee order: whole milk, two cubes of sugar, and hot!
Day: Tuesday
Exercise: Breathing
Greatest expenditure: a three-month trip to Europe
Escape plan: A cottage over looking the Arabian Sea in South Goa, India.
Illicit crush: Tilda Swinton
What make you jealous?  Leisure
Dance: ...in the dark
Average monthly drycleaning bill:  $3 per shirt, 28 shirts per month...so $84.
Mode of transportation: subway
When did you give up your AOL account? I honestly never had one. No offense, AOL.


Wardrobe Wire: Personal Stylist Channel: Emerging Designers: Bibhu Mohapatra: Emerging Designer

Wardrobe Wire: Personal Stylist Channel: Emerging Designers: Bibhu Mohapatra: Emerging Designer

Bibhu Mohapatra: Emerging Designer

Bibhu Mohapatra is finding himself in the top of his class of elite up and coming designers. This fresh face of New York Fashion Week received his Master’s in economics from Utah State University on scholarship from India, and with the encouragement of friends, applied to FIT in New York upon graduation and was accepted. Bibhu’s love of fashion started at an early age in India, practicing his skills with beautiful Indian fabrics, designing Saris for his sister. Bibhu mastered his skills working with design houses Halston and J. Mendel, and launched his first collection during New York Fashion Week in February 2009.

Since his debut he has been recognized with the “Women’s Apparel 2010 Rising Star Award” from The Fashion Group International, the “Young Innovator Award” from the National Arts Club, and was just awarded the $25,000 Ecco Domani womenswear grant in January 2011.

He described his Spring 2011 collection as: “The Spring 2011 collection is inspired by the one decade that had a dynamic history of social change, when America emerged as the land of the youth, open opinion, sexual freedom and passion. With this collection, I attempt to capture the spirit of the bright, strong modern woman who is always ready for a challenge, a game and a romance.” Sounds just like a Wardrobe Wire girl!

We feel Mohapatra is truly one of the talented ones. His name will be on red carpets, fashionistas will be asking for his designs, and celebrities will be clamoring for access to his shows. We cannot wait to see what he comes up with next and look forward to his next interpretation of a strong, independent, fun woman. We will continue to follow him and keep you up to date on this rising star that is no doubt heading straight to the sun.

Want in on the action? With Spring right around the corner this is one collection you should definitely find room for in your wardrobe! Bibhu Mohapatra’s collections are sold at select boutiques and high end department stores in select cities around the globe. Go to his website for a complete listing and to see more photos, videos, and news on the designer himself.
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Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra

Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra
on way to Late show in New York


in the studio

Bibhu Mohapatra fall 2009 Presentation