Secret Fashion Atelier

Bibhu Mohapatra is one of the most talented young fashion designers in New York.

Bibhu works with many private clients on custom, one off, designs from his secret little charming studio on upper Broadway, designing the most elegant evening gowns, fun cocktail clothes, and amazing fur coats.

His work follows the great european traditions, of cut, fit and detail, but adds a more youthful feel with a very subtle and unique south asian understanding.

Once clients recover from the price, they all sing his praises. The shape, the style, the fit, and the fabrics are all amazing and are what seduce every one. Not to mention Bibhu is one of the most charming sweet and modest people you will ever meet.

His clothes require 3 to 4 fittings and may take up to six weeks to complete. Nothing is off the rack in this New York atelier.

Mr. Mohapatra will not discuss his clients by name, but he is very pleased with his list of rather rarefied private customers.

A few of his precious clients come to him by word of mouth, but many more through personal shoppers and Hollywood stylists who recognize the rare and very special talent of this man and they want it for their clients.

Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra

Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra
on way to Late show in New York


in the studio

Bibhu Mohapatra fall 2009 Presentation