The Innovator Award goes to Bibhu

Bibhu Mohapatra Takes Home 
National Arts Club Young Innovator Award 

By Cator Sparks
June 1, 2010 6:15 pm

 The New York-based designer earns a coveted award while bringing old school fashion folk out with him. We love a fashion party as much as the next guy but most of the time these New York kids are focused more on Twittering than actually enjoying the party or meeting people. As I have learned from my many nights at The National Arts Club for various occasions, never doth a Twitter pass through these hallowed halls. Why? Because there is zero phone reception in the old Tildon Mansion! Quel relief. Last week we were back at the venerable old club on Gramercy Park to celebrate Bibhu Mohapatra.

When we last caught up with Bibhu we chatted him up mid-studio workday, and we found the man as pleasantly glamorous as the clothes. So when we heard word that he was to be honored by the National Art Club's Fashion Committee as a Young Innovator, we were all on board. A gorgeous Bibhu creation. The place was packed with members, fashion folks (Hi Ruth Finley!) and of course friends of the designer. There was also a slideshow of Bibhu’s collections and mannequins wearing a couple of his stunning evening pieces. Later in the night speeches were made and Bibhu was presented with his award to much fanfare. We ran into the handsome Peter Arnold, President of Cynthia Rowley who was pleased as punch to be there. “I’m a long time friend of Bibhu and his boyfriend Bobby. Bibhu has such great talent and I am excited to see him getting so much exposure as of late.” Mohapatra was equally as thrilled, “Between my new atelier at the CFDA Incubator and this award, it’s been quite an encouraging year.” So how did the award come about? “Well I got a call from Fashion Committee member Max Wilson, and he said they had been following my work for quite some time and would like to give me the Young Innovator award. It came as a total surprise,” Bibhu explained. We finally grabbed Chrishaunda Lee, Chairman of the Committee to ask her about the evening. “I’m so glad to see such a diverse group of people in attendance. We bring all facets of life to these events from educators to collectors and designers. This is old school viral marketing!

Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra

Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra
on way to Late show in New York


in the studio

Bibhu Mohapatra fall 2009 Presentation