"Making It' at New York Fashion Week" -Huffington Post

CLOSETTOUR Webisode 3: Making It from Jenni Avins on Vimeo.

Finding the WONDER in wondering what to wear
"As always at New York Fashion Week, there's been a lot of talk about our city's role in the industry -- now changing as quickly as you can say "fast fashion." The consensus seems to be that while Paris may be forever more refined, New York is the place for young designers to get their start.
"It's just very entrepreneurial," said Julie Gilhart, Barneys Fashion Director, "and that's what's so great about New York, is you too can be that."

Jenni talks with Julie Gilhart, Bibhu Mohapatra, and Ari Magallanes about the garment industry in New York

Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra

Hillary Swank in Bibhu Mohapatra
on way to Late show in New York


in the studio

Bibhu Mohapatra fall 2009 Presentation